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Herniated Discs Pain Relief

A herniated disc is the displacement of the cartilage that cushions vertebrae in the spine, causing pain and discomfort. Whether it’s an injury from work, playing sports, keeping fit or just getting older and not being in the shape we once were, CARESPACE in Kitchener Waterloo can help.

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The best treatment for herniated discs in Kitchener Waterloo

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CARESPACE is less than 10-minutes away

Good news – if you’re looking for herniated discs treatment near you and are in the Kitchener Waterloo area, there’s a CARESPACE multidisciplinary clinic less than 10-minutes away (book by selecting a discipline below). And even better, our evidence-based team is driven to get the results you want so you can be your best.

There are many causes of herniated discs

Common causes of a herniated disc can include poor posture, excessive amounts of weightlifting, or traumatic injury. Over time, people with repeated trunk flexion activity can suffer from herniated discs as lumbar muscles weaken and cannot support these activities. A chiropractor may help reduce pressure on disc tissue in the spine by implement manipulative techniques to detect misalignment, realigning joints and vertebrae for even distribution. Additionally, massage therapy can accelerate healing for those that suffer from herniated discs by increasing circulation to affected areas and providing stability to weak muscle groups in surrounding areas. For optimal results, it is important to find a licensed physiotherapist or chiropractic professional who utilizes appropriate techniques in order to treat a herniated disc properly.

Get the best treatment to help your herniated discs

We all know that health and wellness is important, but with so many competing priorities, it’s hard to stay on top of it. CARESPACE provides the best treatment options to help heal your herniated discs pain quickly. CARESPACE uses a result-oriented, natural approach to rehabilitation and wellness with your choice of Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy. CARESPACE practitioners work together to understand both your primary concerns and long-term health goals. Multidisciplinary evidence-based plans are designed to address the root causes and are developed to provide fast and long-lasting relief to ensure you can start living your healthier life today.

What are herniated discs?

A herniated disc is an injury often caused by overexertion or continuous strain on the spine. It occurs when a disc’s spongy-like cushioning, which sits between vertebrae, weakens and the gelatinous nucleus in the middle of the disc bulges outwards. This can then cause pressure to be placed on nearby nerves, ultimately resulting in pain, muscle weakness, numbness or tingling depending on the affected area. In some cases it can also lead to issues such as difficulty walking and maintaining steady balance due to muscle weakness.

What are the symptoms of herniated discs?

Herniated discs can cause a range of different symptoms, depending on the severity of the injury. Depending on where the herniation occurs and how it affects surrounding nerves, patients may experience anything from mild pain in the affected area to more severe pain radiating through the extremities. Symptoms can also include numbness and tingling in parts of the body related to nerve compression caused by the herniation. Muscle weakness or spasms may also occur due to pressure on the nerve root which can interfere with normal muscle control functions. Finally, some patients with herniated discs have reported changes in bladder or bowel function due to pressure on areas near spinal cord components that affect these activities.

Get the herniated discs pain treatment that's right for you

Choose Your Chiropractor

chiropractic services - Herniated Discs Pain
Herniated discs can cause significant pain and discomfort, but a chiropractor may be able to help. By performing spinal adjustments, a chiropractor can help to realign your spine, reducing pressure on the affected disc. They may recommend exercises or stretches to help reduce pain and improve flexibility.

Choose Your RMT

massage therapy - Herniated Discs Pain
Massage therapy can be a helpful way to alleviate pain caused by herniated discs. By applying pressure and manipulating the affected area, massage can encourage blood flow and oxygen, release tension and increase range of motion, which can promote healing, ease discomfort and improve mobility.

Choose Your Physiotherapist

physiotherapy - Herniated Discs Pain
Herniated discs can be an especially debilitating injury, but physiotherapy can provide crucial relief. With a focus on gentle exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and reduce inflammation physiotherapy can help alleviate symptoms and promote healing.

Not sure which discipline to select?

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy can all be effective for herniated discs pain. Choose any one of the above. Once the initial assessment has been completed, you will be directed to the discipline and practitioner who will be able to deliver the best results.

Still not sure? Simply give us a call at (519) 208-2273 and we will help find the right therapy for your needs.

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