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PD SAFEx – Now accepting participants

PD SAFEx is the effective exercise prescription proven in clinical trials to have slowed the progression of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms beyond traditional drug treatment and other exercise options.

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PD SAFEx is the effective exercise for Parkinson's Disease

Quincy Almeida
Dr. Quincy Almeida, PhD

Parkinson’s Program Director

Dr. Quincy Almeida is the Director of the CARESPACE Health+Wellness Parkinson’s Program.

PD SAFEx – the exercise prescription for Parkinson’s Disease

PD SAFEx is the effective exercise that has been proven in clinical trials to have slowed the progression of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms beyond traditional drug treatment and other exercise options. The program consists of a series of easy-to-do exercises that are carried out under the guidance of a Registered Kinesiologist in either group or individually settings depending on the stage of the participants disease progression.

Parkinson’s Disease has no cure

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive and degenerative movement disorder of the central nervous system. Parkinson’s is an idiopathic (having no known cause) and presently, there is no cure. It affects over one million people in Canada and the United States and of all neurodegenerative disorders, it is second only to Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s has a dramatic long-term impact on one’s ability to control every-day movements, quality of life and independence. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are tremors, rigidity, slowness of movement, balance and difficulty with walking. Later, cognitive and behavioural problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease.

Treatments are available for Parkinson’s

Current pharmaceutical treatments are effective at managing the early motor symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, these drugs may become less effective and produce complications including dyskinesia, evidenced by involuntary writhing movements. In some cases, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery is an option to help reduce motor symptoms. Exercise has also been shown to have a profound effect on neurological function. PD SAFEx is an prescribed exercise program that – clinical trials have proven – slows the progression of symptoms beyond traditional drug treatment without the negative side-effects.

pd safex effective therapy

PD SAFEx is the most effective

PD SAFEx technology is a set of sensory attention-focused exercises developed by Dr. Quincy Almeida, BSc, MSc, PhD who is the Director of the CARESPACE Health+Wellness Parkinson’s Program, and a former professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Director of the Movement and Disorder Research & Rehabilitation Centre (MDRC) at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. A 2011 Study – involving 400 Parkinson’s patients – demonstrated that PD SAFEx was the most effective treatment when compared with other exercise strategies.

It’s simple and easy-to-do

The PD SAFEx program is an easy-to-do program designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s. It consists of a series of exercises that are carried out under the guidance of a Registered Kinesiologist. Parkinson’s patients may participate in group settings or individually depending on the stage of their disease progression. A typical 12-week program cycle consists of sensory attention-focused exercises which are carried out in one hour sessions three times a week – each week progressing to a new level.

pd safex progression

Sooner is better

Symptom progression varies with individuals, so it’s important to begin as soon as possible to limit any worsening effects. PD SAFEx is not an open program and requires a Parkinson’s diagnosis from a neurologist or an initial assessment with Dr. Almeida.


Clinical trials have proven that PD SAFEx participants – using or not using Parkinson’s drugs – have slowed the progression of symptoms beyond traditional drug treatments and other exercise options.

Published studies include:

  • Symptom and Gait After Sensory Attention Focused Exercise vs Aerobic Training in Parkinson’s Disease, 2009
  • A Positive Influence of Vision on Motor Symptoms During Sensory Attention Focused Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease 2010
  • Comparison of Exercise Strategies for Motor Symptom Improvement in Parkinson’s Disease, 2011
  • A Randomized Single-Blind Double-Crossover Trial for Sensory Attention Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease, 2011

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PD SAFEx 12-week program

PD SAFEx 12-week program – Advanced

  • Class led by Dr. Almeida, PD SAFEx creator and researcher
  • 36 sessions over three months for $399/month (including HST)

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm please feel free to call our live-answer reception team who will be happy to add you to the PD SAFEx waitlist. You may also add yourself to the waitlist online.

Please call (519) 208-2273 to add yourself to the PD SAFEx waitlist now.

PD SAFEx is the Best Exercise for Parkinson's Disease

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