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Are you a client-focused and evidence-based Regulated Health Professional? Join us today and discover a better way to practice!

A Better Way to Practice

If you are a client-focused Regulated Health Professional, then CARESPACE Health+Wellness is looking for you. CARESPACE is growing quickly and is in the process of opening new locations. We are seeking growth-minded practitioners to join our busy multidisciplinary teams.

CARESPACE offers Client-focused Coordinated CARE with multidisciplinary approach that helps promote a healthier life using an evidence-based and result-oriented, natural approach to rehabilitation, health, and wellness. Work with a wide-range of clients and conditions as part of a team of practitioners that includes Chiropractors, Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists, Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers.

Be part of a supportive, aligned and client-focused team that work together developing and delivering coordinated plans to help clients reach their goals.

Join Our Team

We are looking for client-focused evidence-based Regulated Health Professionals to join our fast-growing team. If you would like to discover a better way to practice, we would like to hear from you.

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More than 30% of the CARESPACE team have joined by referral from current team members.

Work in a team with people you like and respect.

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Group Health Benefits

The CARESPACE Group Health Insurance Plan includes Travel and Life Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Dental, Vision, and Drug Plan in addition to other extended health coverages.

Wellness Program

By joining the team, you and your immediate family members will be eligible to receive a 50% discount on all health and wellness services provided at CARESPACE.

Gym Usage

As a member of the CARESPACE team you are welcome to use the well-equipped gym when not in use by clients. And as a bonus, if you want to take it to the next level with one-on-one fitness training you can take advantage of our 50% off team discount.

Mentorship and Supervision

We want to ensure you get the support you need. Where appropriate CARESPACE can offer you mentorship or supervision for newer members to the profession. Each discipline is different and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

In-house Training

Yes, we do a few things differently than other clinics, but don’t worry – you won’t have to figure it out on your own. We’ll show you how and get the support you need with our in-house training program.

Education and Professional Development Reimbursment

To help our clients be better, we must strive to be better ourselves. To support your ongoing education and professional development CARESPACE will reimburse up to 100% of the cost for your relevant professional development, education, and training courses.

Career Path

What do you want to be doing 5 years from now? If you have ambitions for your professional career, CARESPACE may be the perfect opportunity for you. There are several ways for practitioners to grow within the company from management fast-tracks to Clinic Director or create, develop, and run your own programs.

Pursue Your Passion

Do you have a passion you would like to incorporate into your practice? Do you have an idea for a group or program? We’d like to know. If it can help clients and is evidence-based, we will provide support and the team you need to get it going and keep it growing.

Practice Your Way

At CARESPACE we do not develop treatment plans around insurance or other funding requirements. If you are providing evidence-based Client-focused Coordinated CARE, we will support your practice.

Earn More

Get rewarded for your efforts with the CARESPACE 2-part split-fee compensation that allows you to earn more by creating client-focused coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans.

Strong Marketing Support

Stay busy and build your caseload supported by professional marketing, aggressive organic and search campaigns in addition to plenty of internal referrals which allows you to focus on helping your clients and providing Wow! experiences.

Laundry Service

Spend your time with the client rather than doing laundry. CARESPACE offers laundry service so practitioners can do what they do best – focus on the clients, helping them be better.

A Better Way to Practice

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“Working at CARESPACE allows me the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives while using a collaborative approach; something that isn’t seen too often in this field.”

Courtney Van Allen, BA, MA, RP (Qualifying) CCC​

Waterloo chiropractor looking out door

“I really enjoy that we measure success based on the quality of our care. It’s always challenging and gratifying for me”.

Dr. Danial Dimitri, BSc (Hons), DC

Eric Bowman at Carespace

“It’s great to be part of a high energy, crackerjack crew of many different professionals that can come together and help clients achieve their goals!!!”

Eric Bowman, BSc, MSPT, PT

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“I love being a part of CARESPACE because it makes me feel like I am contributing to something that health care needs! Compassionate and collaborative care.”

Sara Potter, HBK, RKin

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“The attitude and vibe at CARESPACE are awesome. A variety of disciplines coming together for a common goal – helping clients achieve/accomplish their health goals!”

Christina Wood, BSc, MAN, RD

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“CARESPACE is the clinic model I’ve been searching for – collaborative, evidence-based and client-focused. I love it here. The other clinicians are smart and compassionate and committed to working together to give the best client care possible.”

Dr. Michael Torreiter, ND, CFMP

Join Our Team

The health and wellness team at CARESPACE in Kitchener Waterloo

Current Openings

New locations being added soon.

A Great Space to Work

Imagine a professionally designed, flexible, and well-equipped multidisciplinary space where you can enjoy coming to work.

Join Our Team

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

CARESPACE hires its practitioners as contractors. As a contractor you will join a team of practitioners from a variety of complimentary disciplines. The team actively works together to provide Client-focused Coordinated CARE by developing personalized plans for clients based on the client goals. Client-focused Coordinated CARE requires the individual practitioner to think outside of the scope of practice for recommendations that support the client goals while working independently to assess and treat within the scope of practice.

Yes, CARESPACE has centralized live-answer reception and administration support.

Yes, CARESPACE does allow for both full-time and part-time Practitioner positions.

CARESPACE offers a client-focused compensation plan that allows the Practitioner to earn more simply by creating multidisciplinary health plans that benefit the client and helps them achieve their goals.

We hire new grads, and we hire experts in their fields who have been practicing for over 30 years (and everything in-between). Our main criteria are that you are a regulated health professional in good standing with your governing body and that you are client-focused, evidence-based, and collaborative.

Yes, CARESPACE offers mentorship and supervision for newer Practitioners. Specifics may vary for each discipline and clinic to clinic.

CARESPACE is growing quickly which creates many opportunities for growth within the company. Clear career paths have been developed for those Practitioners interested in transitioning into management and leadership roles.

Once we receive your resume, the hiring process includes a series of easy steps:

  1. A brief introductory Zoom call to determine fit and qualifications
  2. Second interview (either Zoom or in-person) with two members of the CARESPACE team to get to know you better
  3. Reference check
  4. Contract Review on Zoom
  5. Clinic tour
  6. Onboarding

Let’s get going – send us your resume today!

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Have questions about joining our team?

If you have questions about or are interested in joining the CARESPACE team, please feel free to contact Gerry directly at

Gerry Barg, BTh, BA, MBA

Gerry Barg, BTh, BA, MBA

President (not a practitioner!)