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Pelvic Health

At CARESPACE, your Pelvic Health physiotherapist is a highly trained regulated healthcare professional focused on overall well-being that involves the proper functioning of the pelvic floor muscles, connective tissues, and organs in the pelvic area.

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Your Pelvic Health clinic in Kitchener Waterloo

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Now it’s easy to find Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy near you

Good news – if you’re looking for a pelvic health physiotherapist near you and you are in Kitchener Waterloo, there’s a CARESPACE multidisciplinary clinic less than 10-minutes away (see our locations). And even better, our evidence-based team is driven to get the results you want so you can be your best.

More than just treating conditions

We’re not your normal clinic. CARESPACE offers more than just traditional rehabilitation and wellness services, instead offering multidisciplinary coordinated care that’s right for you. Whether you are an athlete, want to get the most out of your workout or just learn how to do a handstand, CARESPACE can help you reach your goals.

Get your very own Health Team

Get your own well-trained and dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals that includes Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Kinesiologists, Dietitians, Psychotherapists, Fitness Trainers and more. They work together to develop your personalized health plan to get you fast results.

We’re here for you day, evenings and weekends

We make achieving your health goals easy and accessible by offering extended clinic hours with day, evening and weekend appointments. All are available both in-person at the clinic and online with TeleCARE.

You're less than 10-minutes from CARESPACE!

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Live-answer Reception

Please call us at (519) 208-2273 to talk with our live-answer Reception Team who will be happy to book, reschedule appointments or answer any of your questions, or book online now.

Find your Pelvic Health clinic in Kitchener-Waterloo

Please call us at (519) 208-2273 or book online today.

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The Kitchener Waterloo Clinic for Your Pelvic Health

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Book Your Pelvic Floor Assessment

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What is Pelvic Health physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, is a specialized branch of physiotherapy that focuses on the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues that support the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus (in females), and rectum. The pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in various functions such as bowel and bladder control, sexual function, and support for the organs in the pelvic region.

Although there are many cases and conditions that tie into seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist, here are some signs or symptoms that may indicate seeking out an appointment:

Pelvic Pain: This can include pain in the pelvic region, lower abdomen, or genitals.

Incontinence: Pelvic floor physiotherapy can be beneficial for both stress incontinence (leakage of urine during activities like coughing, sneezing, or exercising) and urge incontinence (sudden, intense need to urinate).

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: This occurs when one or more of the pelvic organs (such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum) descend into the vaginal canal.

Pre and Postpartum Issues: Pelvic floor physiotherapy is often recommended during pregnancy to help with issues such as back pain, pelvic pain, and to prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth. It can also be beneficial postpartum to aid in recovery and address any pelvic floor dysfunction that may arise.

Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse): Pelvic floor physiotherapy can be part of the treatment plan for individuals experiencing pain during sexual activity.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: This encompasses a range of problems related to the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the pelvic region that can affect bowel and bladder function.

Do you have questions about your Pelvic Health?

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Choose Your Pelvic Health Practitioner

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Meet virtually with your Pelvic Floor Practitioner

If you have questions about whether pelvic floor physiotherapy is right for you, a free no-obligation online first appointment with TeleCARE may be the way to go. TeleCARE is convenient, easy and great way to discuss your health goals and objectives.

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