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Nada Jarmakani, BA (Hons), DIPT, MACP (C), RP (Qualifying)

Student Therapist

CARESPACE Health+Wellness – Victoria North

1373 Victoria Street North, Unit 4A
Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3R6
  • 8AM-8PM Monday – Friday
  • 8AM-6PM Saturday – Sunday

Please call (519) 208-2273 or book online today.

About Nada

The narrative we tell ourselves has the power to greatly impact our lives, either by providing a sense of purpose and direction or by limiting our potential and preventing us from living a fulfilling life. Therapy offers a transformative experience by providing a safe and supportive environment to process complex emotions, identify and change unhelpful narratives and rigid patterns of thinking and behavior, and develop an enhanced level of self-awareness. With a collaborative and personalized approach, we can work together to identify and enhance your strengths, using them to manage and overcome challenging circumstances. By focusing on and cultivating your unique strengths, you can experience a sense of empowerment and motivation, inspiring you to create a new path for yourself. My compassionate and culturally sensitive approach is designed to guide and support you in making important decisions and strides towards self-growth and healing, ultimately helping you recognize that you are the architect of your own life.