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The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Trapezius Strain

benefits of massage therapy for trapezius strain

The trapezius muscle is a large, triangular muscle located in the upper back and shoulders. It runs from the base of the skull to the middle of the back and is responsible for supporting and stabilizing the neck, shoulders, and arms. Pain in this area can be caused by strain or tension due to poor posture, repetitive movements, or stress. Fortunately, massage therapy can be an effective way to alleviate pain associated with trapezius strain.

What Causes Trapezius Strains?

Trapezius strain occurs when the muscles are overstretched or overused. Poor posture habits such as slouching or hunching your shoulders can cause strain on your trapezius muscle. Repetitive motions such as lifting heavy objects or typing on a computer can also contribute to strain on this muscle group. Additionally, psychological stress can cause tension in your trapezius muscles. This can result in pain that radiates from your neck down through your shoulder blades and arms.

How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy works by applying pressure to targeted areas in order to relax tight muscles and increase blood flow to reduce inflammation. Massage has been shown to reduce pain associated with trapezius strain as well as improve mobility in those affected areas. Additionally, massage encourages relaxation which helps reduce stress levels and tension built up in the trapezius muscle group.

Your registered massage therapist will use a variety of techniques during treatment including Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage (long strokes) and petrissage (kneading), trigger point (applying direct pressure), acupressure (pressure applied via finger pads), stretching, and other specialized techniques depending on your needs. Your massage therapist will also provide advice on how you can modify activities that may be contributing factors to your condition as well as suggest exercises that can help strengthen weakened muscles for improved support.

Massage is an effective way to treat pain associated with trapezius strain while improving mobility in affected areas. During treatment, your massage therapist will use a variety of techniques designed specifically for you depending on what is causing the discomfort you are experiencing. In addition to providing relief from pain, massage helps reduce stress levels which allows you to better manage any underlying causes that may be contributing to your condition. If you’re looking for an effective way to ease discomfort caused by trapezius strain, consider giving massage a try.

If you have any questions or would like to explore further, please book a free, no-charge online appointment with either myself, Natalie Yeo, RMT, or another registered massage therapist in Waterloo or Kitchener at CARESPACE. We are happy to listen and are here to help!

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Natalie Yeo, RMT

Natalie Yeo, RMT

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