Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists use a range of soft tissue and joint stimulation techniques using their hands as their primary tools. Prolonged activity, such as sitting at a computer, put pressure on your lower back, while constant use of mouse, pen or phone can wear down your muscles and joints over time. Your Massage Therapist will stimulate blood flow, restore muscle elasticity, and relieve built-up tension that can form due to injury or chronic pain.  Massage Therapy also helps you develop awareness around how your body works, and to have a greater sense of self, leading to a calmer outlook on life. 

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Massage Therapist


Aaron Shad, RMT, CPT

Whether you are looking for balance, stress relief or rehabilitation to get you back in the game, Aaron is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer who will take a collaborative approach in helping you achieve your health goals. Where appropriate he will coordinate with other CARESPACE service providers to design a comprehensive personal Health Plan that will become your roadmap to success.

Aaron's skills include orthopedic assessments and functional movement patterns that allow him to treat injuries in an appropriate manner. Aaron's training has given him experience in sports injuries, chronic pain patients, and dealing with weekend warriors.

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