We all know that health and wellness is important, but with so many competing priorities, it’s hard to stay on top of it. We work on your behalf so you can be at your best for every moment, every choice, and every interaction that life offers. CARESPACE Coordinated CARE with Functional Integrative Therapies help promote a healthier life by using a result-oriented, natural approach to rehabilitation and wellness.  

Holistic health care requires a diverse team, and we partner with orthopedic surgeons, specialists, family physicians, researchers, professors and other leaders in medicine, to give you the best in health care. We use evidence-based treatments designed to get to the heart of your issues and provide immediate and lasting relief. You’re never restricted to a single discipline, and our therapists are not paid on a fee-for-service basis. Rather, all of our in-house therapists collaborate on your behalf to get to the root cause. By approaching rehab and wellness in a refreshingly differently way, we put you and your health at the center of our attention.


Having choice in your health care is a simple in concept, but hard to find. We believe that choice forms the basis of your involvement, investment, and satisfaction, making collaboration a critical part of the process. Without your input to determine how we go about achieving each step in the plan, we cannot provide you with the best care, nor will you find satisfaction in the outcome. There are many ways to reach the outcomes you want, and we work around the things that you may see as non-negotiable, to put a plan in place that can actually fit into your life, rather than force you to change it. When you’re invested, you’ll be able to see it through to the end, making you another one of our success stories. And that makes us happy.


In order to provide you with the best health care, we first need to understand you. Whether you need to repair your body, resolve an addiction, or simply maintain an optimal level of fitness and health, your assessment will help us identify the right blend of specialists to help you meet your goals. Our detailed assessment helps identify the areas where we can help, providing insights into your goals for a healthier you. We listen in a way that you’ll feel, because you know yourself better than anyone else. What hurts may be connected to something deeper, and your self-awareness combined with our multi-disciplinary team will help you get to the root, while dealing with any symptoms along the way. Your assessment forms the basis for your treatment plan.


Based on your assessment, we will recommend a treatment plan for rehabilitation or wellness, or both. The plan details everything from intake to discharge, product and service recommendations, and prevention strategies that you can use at home. We schedule all your sessions up front so you are never left wondering what’s next. This also helps you take ownership of the process, because you know where you are as well as how far you’ve come during each step. The treatment plan is an agreement we make together, and our part is to stand beside you until you reach our agreed upon goal. It’s added integrity and accountability to the treatment you receive. 


At every step in your journey, we take the time to explain how things work, since following through is easier when you know why. Since you are the foremost expert on you, your understanding allows you to make informed choices that you can feel confident in. Only when you are clear, can we all move forward together, strong in the knowledge that what you are doing makes sense. It’s a small difference that makes all the difference. 

Functional Integrative Therapies (FIT)

Exercise and Fitness

Physiotherapy and Personal Training
Exercise and Fitness

Physiotherapists and Certified Personal Trainers motivate you by working collaboratively in setting goals, developing personalized fitness programs, then providing feedback and accountability. Learn the correct techniques to get the most out of your efforts and to achieve long-term and sustained results.  

Nutrition and Supplements

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Doctor
Nutrition and Suppliments

Not sure about what to eat? Are you putting in the effort and not getting the results you want? A Naturopathic Doctor can make personalized dietary and supplement recommendations using symptom tracking and specialized testing to create the most effective diet for the results you want.

Stress Management

Massage Therapy

Are you feeling stressed, busy, or overwhelmed?  Are you run down, or getting sick too often? Balance your busy life with massage, acupuncture, plenty of sleep, regular exercise and eating well. CARESPACE therapists can help you create and implement a plan for you to achieve the balance you need.

Lab Testing


CARESPACE offers access to a full range of lab tests and other specialized testing options to track your progress and fine-tune your personalized program for maximum results.

Counseling and Coaching


Coaching and counseling can be an important part of reaching your health and wellness objectives. A coach can provide different perspectives and support and help you navigate around roadblocks that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your goals.  

Precision Medicine


Precision Medicine prevents and treats disease based upon a person’s unique genetic makeup and lifestyle habits. Where appropriate, testing is used to accurately measure specific predictors of patient outcomes and is implemented in a personalized care program.