If you’ve experienced injury on the job or at play, or are suffering from a chronic, debilitating condition, your physiotherapist will work with you to improve your strength, increase your range of motion and function, and mobilize your joints to restore your body’s functionality. You’ll learn to manipulate your body to reduce pain and stiffness and to manage pain, while ongoing support and encouragement, as well as collaborative goals set between you and your physiotherapist will help speed up the healing process. Some of the techniques employed by your PT may include hydrotherapy, which is used to reduce swelling, Massage, Anatomical Acupuncture and other modalities to engage your body’s natural healing process and bring about short and long term relief.

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Vikram Krishnan, PT

Vik is a Registered Physiotherapist who will collaborate with you to better understand your goals and situation. Where appropriate he will coordinate with other CARESPACE service providers to design a comprehensive personal Health Plan that will become your roadmap to success.

Over the past 20 years Vik has worked in a wide range of clinic settings including general orthopedics and has experience treating specific conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, sports and repetitive strain injuries.  He utilizes a combination of soft tissue techniques, gentle mobilization, exercise prescription, therapeutic taping and instruction for prevention and precaution to progress faster recovery.