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Lateral Ankle Sprain Relief

Lateral ankle sprains are a result of having too much stress placed on the ligaments in your ankle when it is abnormally twisted or turned. Whether it’s an injury from playing sports, keeping fit or just getting older, CARESPACE Health+Wellness can help.

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The best treatment for lateral ankle sprains near you

CARESPACE is less than 10-minutes away

Good news – if you’re looking for lateral ankle sprain treatment near you and are in the Kitchener Waterloo area, there’s a CARESPACE multidisciplinary clinic less than 10-minutes away (book by selecting a discipline below). And even better, our evidence-based team is driven to get the results you want so you can be your best.

There are many causes of lateral ankle sprains

Lateral ankle sprains are most common during sports activities, but can be caused by anything from an uneven surface to a sudden change in direction when walking. When it occurs, it causes discomfort and instability that may require chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy for complete healing. Massage therapy may also be used to help alleviate any pain related to the injury as well as accelerate recovery time.

CARESPACE can help your lateral ankle sprain

We all know that health and wellness is important, but with so many competing priorities, it’s hard to stay on top of it. CARESPACE uses a result-oriented, natural approach to rehabilitation and wellness with your choice of Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy. CARESPACE practitioners work together to understand both your primary concerns and long-term health goals. Multidisciplinary evidence-based plans are designed to address the root causes and are developed to provide fast and long-lasting relief to ensure you can start living your healthier life today.

What is a lateral ankle sprain?

A lateral ankle sprain is an injury affecting the ligaments on the outside of your ankle. It occurs when the foot is inverted or turned inwards, resulting in damage or tearing of the surrounding ligaments. Though it mostly affects athletes and those who participate in sports, anyone can get an ankle sprain with any activity that puts too much stress on the joints and ligaments.

What are the symptoms of a lateral ankle sprain?

A lateral ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments of the ankle and can be caused by abrupt side to side movements of the ankle joint. Common symptoms of a lateral ankle sprain include pain, swelling, decreased range of motion, bruise or discoloration around the area, and difficulty walking or bearing weight on the affected ankle. Additional signs may consist of tenderness to palpation, audible popping sound during injury, thigh muscle weakness due to protective reflexes initiated at time of injury, and a feeling of instability in that particular joint when weight-bearing.

What are the treatments for a lateral ankle sprain?

A lateral ankle sprain, or a “rolled ankle,” is a common sports-related injury that affects the ligaments of the joint. Depending on the severity of the sprain, treatment may vary; however, chiropractic care and physiotherapy are among the most common interventions. A chiropractor will assess and adjust the alignment of bones and joints in order to restore proper balance and decrease pain. Additionally, strengthening exercises from a physical therapist will help stabilize ankle muscles. Furthermore, massage therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and expand range of motion in the area. It is important for individuals recovering from an ankle sprain to seek professional guidance for appropriate exercise recommendations as treatments should not be attempted without oversight from qualified healthcare providers.

Get the lateral ankle sprain treatment that's right for you

Choose Your Chiropractor

chiropractic services - Lateral Ankle Sprain Treatment
By utilizing a variety of techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation exercises, a chiropractor can create a personalized treatment plan to promote healing, reduce pain and inflammation and prevent future lateral ankle sprains.

Choose Your RMT

massage therapy - Lateral Ankle Sprain Treatment
If you’re dealing with a lateral ankle sprain, massage therapy can be a helpful addition to your treatment plan. By targeting specific muscles and soft tissues in the ankle massage can help increase blood flow, reduce pain and swelling, and improve range of motion.

Choose Your Physiotherapist

physiotherapy - Lateral Ankle Sprain Treatment
Physiotherapists are trained experts in treating musculoskeletal injuries, and they use a range of techniques to reduce pain and swelling associated with lateral ankle sprain, improve range of motion and promote healing.

Not sure which discipline to select?

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy can be effective treatment for your lateral ankle sprain. Choose any one of the above. Once the initial assessment has been completed, you will be directed to the discipline and practitioner who will be able to deliver the best results.

Still not sure? Simply give us a call at (519) 208-2273 and we will help find the right therapy for your needs.

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