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Tele-Fitness for Home workouts

The gym is closed, yet working out is even more important. Don't let social distancing and sheltering in place get in the way of effective workouts that show results.

Personal Training with Tele-Fitness

It's never been more important to start exercising! Fitness levels impact our sleep, mood, anxiety and immune system. As part of its TeleCARE program CARESPACE is now offering Tele-Fitness Personal Training available online with certified professional trainers who can help you achieve the results you desire.

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Maximize your results with a personal trainer

Whether you have a home gym or not, learn how to get the most out of your workout with a personalized plan developed around the resources you have available. 

We offer more than just exercise, your trainer may work with a Naturopathic Doctor to create a customized diet to help you reach your fitness goals. 


Get the most out of your home gym workout

No matter what level of gym you have, our Personal Trainers will provide regular, personalized guidance towards building and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Your trainer will create an exercise program focused around the equipment you have.


No home gym? No problem

You can be your gym. Learn challenging body weight workouts. With regular online sessions you'll receive regular motivation, feedback, and accountability to keep you on track. Your personal trainer will work with you to learn correct form and build routines that meet your set of goals, and provide you with exercises you can practice wherever you are during the day with the resources at your disposal.

Certified Personal Trainer


Aaron Shad, RMT, CPT

Whether you are looking for balance, stress relief or rehabilitation to get you back in the game, Aaron is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer who will take a collaborative approach in helping you achieve your health goals. Where appropriate he will coordinate with other CARESPACE service providers to design a comprehensive personal Health Plan that will become your roadmap to success.

Aaron's skills include orthopedic assessments and functional movement patterns that allow him to treat injuries in an appropriate manner. Aaron's training has given him experience in sports injuries, chronic pain patients, and dealing with weekend warriors.