Corporate Health+Wellness now online with TeleCARE

Are you getting the most from your team?

Get the most from of your people. Ensure your team is at their best by providing them the right care, advice, rehab and support to gain optimal performance with the CARESPACE Corporate Health+Wellness program.

Corporate Health+Wellness now with TeleCARE


Immune System Checkup

Delivered online with TeleCARE, the immune system checkup is a comprehensive review of your employees immune system by a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. The result is a set of recommendations that when implemented will boost the employees immune system. This checkup is covered by most group benefit plans.  

Mental Health Support

The pandemic has been a difficult time for all. This has caused additional strain on people as they are worried about an uncertain future for themselves and their families. CARESPACE psychotherapists and social workers are covered by most group benefit plans and are available for online appointments with TeleCARE. 

Comprehensive Executive Physicals

Help your people achieve their goals by ensuring they have a healthy foundation with the Comprehensive Executive Physical. Performed by a team of practitioners this 3-hour physical is covered by most group benefit plans. Optional lab tests available. 

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