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Calf Strain Pain Relief

A calf strain often occurs when the calf muscles are stretched beyond their limit and can be caused by a variety of different activities. Whether it’s an injury from work, playing sports, keeping fit or just getting older and not being in the shape we once were. 

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The best treatment for calf strains near you

CARESPACE is less than 10-minutes away

Good news – if you’re looking for calf strain treatment near you and are in the Kitchener Waterloo area, there’s a CARESPACE multidisciplinary clinic less than 10-minutes away (book by selecting a discipline below). And even better, our evidence-based team is driven to get the results you want so you can be your best. 

There are many causes of calf strains

Causes of a calf strain include running, jumping, and kicking activities like soccer or martial arts. Weaker muscles due to decreased muscle mass or poor conditioning can also increase the risk of calf strains. If you suspect you have sustained a calf strain, it is best to seek chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage therapy assistance to address the injury as quickly as possible. Visit a chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist at a CARESPACE location in Kitchener or Waterloo. They will be able to properly diagnose the degree of severity of your strain and provide treatment appropriate for your recovery process.

Get the best treatment to help your calf strain

We all know that health and wellness is important, but with so many competing priorities, it’s hard to stay on top of it. CARESPACE provides the best treatment options to help heal your calf strain quickly. CARESPACE uses a result-oriented, natural approach to rehabilitation and wellness with your choice of Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy. CARESPACE practitioners work together to understand both your primary concerns and long-term health goals. Multidisciplinary evidence-based plans are designed to address the root causes and are developed to provide fast and long-lasting relief to ensure you can start living your healthier life today.

What is a calf strain?

A calf strain is a common injury that occurs when the muscles at the back of the lower leg become too overstretched and cause tears in any of the muscle fibers. It is usually caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration such as running, jumping or kicking. Symptoms of a calf strain include tightness, pain, swelling and bruising. Depending on the severity of the tear, treatment for a calf strain may vary from rest and ice to physiotherapy or surgery. In general, it is advised to give yourself time for complete recovery before gradually increasing activity levels in order to avoid further injury.

What are the symptoms of a calf strain?

Common symptoms of a calf strain include feeling a sudden sharp pain at the back of the lower leg, difficulty in pushing off with the foot and ankle when walking, difficulty standing on tiptoe, swelling and bruising in affected area, and tenderness when pressure is applied to affected muscles. Pain may also increase during activities such as running or jumping.

Get the calf strain treatment that's right for you

Choose Your Chiropractor

chiropractic services - Calf Strain
Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and speed up the healing process of a calf strain. By improving spinal alignment, a chiropractor can take pressure off the affected area and help your calf muscles heal more quickly.

Choose Your RMT

massage therapy - Calf Strain
If you’re suffering from a calf strain, massage therapy can aid in recovery by gently manipulating the tissues and muscles in your calf, massage can help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation allowing your body to begin the healing process.

Choose Your Physiotherapist

physiotherapy - Calf Strain
With the use of a combination of exercises, manual techniques, and personalized treatment plans, physiotherapists can help you recover from a calf strain and prevent future injuries. Whether your strain was caused by sports or everyday activities physiotherapy can help you get back to your favorite activities.

Not sure which discipline to select?

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy can all be effective for your calf strain. Choose any one of the above. Once the initial assessment has been completed, you will be directed to the discipline and practitioner who will be able to deliver the best results.

Still not sure? Simply give us a call at (519) 208-2273 and we will help find the right therapy for your needs.

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